Angola Social Housing Project
Angola Social Housing Project
Angola Social Housing Project
General Contractor: China International Fund Limited
Project Name: Angola Social Housing Project
Country: Angola
Project Brief: Angola Social Housing Project (Phase I) is a EPC (engineering, procurement, construction)/turn-key project. The project owner is the Angolan Rehabilitation Commission authorized by the Angolan Government, and the general contractor is CITIC International Contracting Inc. The project mainly aims to build 20000 apartment houses, 24 kindergartens, 9 primary schools, 8 middle schools, one 40000 t/d water supply station, one 35000 t/d sewerage treatment plant, two 60KV/15KV transformation substations, 13 switching stations, 77 substations and other infrastructures such as water supply system, sewerage treatment system, rainwater discharge system, traffic signal system, power system, communication system and internal roads in an area of 8.8 km2. The project period is expected to be 38 months with the total contract value of USD 3.535 billion.
The project requires 572 ELENESSA elevators without machine room (218 for bid-section I, 354 for bid-section II). There are 160 G+8 floors apartments, 68 G+10 floors apartments, and 58 G+12 floors apartments. Each apartment is equipped with one 1050kg and one 630kg elevators. The supply period lasts for 2 years. The first-batch order will delivery 88 elevators at the end of May of 2009.

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