Shanghai Mitsubishi(SMEC) recognizes that business ethics are truly the key to survival and are used as a criterion for value. On this criterion, Shanghai Mitsubishi(SMEC) is always looking for and cooperating with trusted partners


Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co. Ltd. (Chinese: 上海三菱电梯有限公司, also knows as SMEC) is an elevator and escalator company which is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Elevator of Japan

Project Name: Projects of KVARTAL real estate company Country: Russia

Project Brief: The KVARTAL company is a Large/medium-scale real estate developer in Moscow, where most projects of it are located. Originally positioned as a developer of high-grade residential buildings, it has expanded its market to high-grade office buildings latter. Due to the good quality and the excellent after-sale service of Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator, all elevators (more than 70 in total) used in projects of KVARTAL since 2002 are from Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd.

Emmar Tower

Emmar Tower is the highest existing building in Jordan up to 2008. The project is located in Amman, Jordan. The project includes 14 units HOPE-II series elevators and 1 set SMOS-II elevator monitoring system.

Business Bay Tower

Business Bay Tower is one of the most famous office buildings nearby the highest building in the world, Dubai Tower. The project is located in Dubai, UAE. It is the first oversea high-speed elevator project for Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., which includes 13 units of LEHY-M elevators and 1 unit of LEHY-II.

Luanda Office Building Country: Angola

Developer: China International Fund Limited Project Name: Luanda Office Building Country: Angola Project Brief: As the highest building in Luanda, the capital of Angola, it uses HOPE-II passenger elevator, ELE-HY05S sightseeing elevator without machine room and SD-BS dumbwaiter produced by Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator.

Angola Social Housing Project

Project Brief: Angola Social Housing Project (Phase I) is a EPC (engineering, procurement, construction)/turn-key project. The project owner is the Angolan Rehabilitation Commission authorized by the Angolan Government, and the general contractor is CITIC International Contracting Inc.

Project Name: Shopper Plaza Country: Tanzania

Project Brief: As a high-end shopping mall located in Dar es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania, it uses escalator and sightseeing elevator without machine room produced by Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd.

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General Information

Founded and invested by four partners in 1987, Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co.,Ltd(SMEC) has maintained its leading position in market share for 16 years in a row during the past 22 years by introducing and utilizing the world-leading technology as well as adhering to self development and pursuing for excellence. As a joint venture with highest annual output in the world, SMEC has created more and more miracle and glorious track, and represents a moving pioneering histrory featured by development, innovating, providing the real enjoyment of traveling up and down, and creating harmonious space of life.


Under the correct leadership and decision of the Board, we seize the market opportunity and set strategic goal for rapid development. Through years of hard working, the company's production scale is keeping growing, and its market share has been in the leading position for years. We are the first elevator company to enter into the list of 500 biggest companies in China, and have the highest annual output and sells volume for a single facotry in the world.

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